Three Step Guide to Printing from The Photo Store


Download your images from The Photo Store and save them to your computer - just remember where you put them!

Upload to one of the suggested regional printers or use one of your choosing. Select your medium, size and framing options on their website. 

» Suggested Printers

The image wil be on its way to being "printed on demand" and shipped to you from a local supplier.

Print Size for Downloads

  • When you upload the image to a local online printer they will calculate the sizes it can be printed at. These will range for the type of medium you choose. For instance, canvas can generally be printed in larger sizes than paper.  


  • You can use the print for any non-commercial purpose, multiple times. For yourself or as a present or both.
  • You can choose your format and size and talk directly to the printer in your region.
  • You don't pay import duties or international freight.
  • It is quicker because it will be shipped locally.
  • It is environmentally cleaner because we aren't using printing machines and paper imported to Australia then sending it back to where it came from using air traffic.
  • It is bio degradable - Ok - that's a lie but it is the only one.

A Few Terms and Conditions

  • But of course the rights to images remain that of The Electronic Swagman.
  • You may not reproduce or distribute the images or resulting prints for any commercial or public application.
  • If you would like to redistribute or display any of the images please talk to us about a licensing arrangement.

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