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Well .. like Johnny Cash I have walked the line. Yep. I am a jail dog. It happened like this. In the little Queensland town of Boulia, Dad visited the Min Min Museum and, as usual, left me outside to wait. They wouldn't let me in because I am a dog.

Yes. I know. Dad SHOULD tie me up but he likes breaking the rules.

Everything went well for ten minutes or so. There were some school kids who patted me .. a lady passing by gave me a bit of sausage roll. It was fun like it usually is. I barked at some people who were coming into the Museum liked I owned it.


Then the local Council drove past. My number was up. Three men in brown uniforms got out and walked towards me. Hello boy .. where are you from?  I think they were all playing the good cop role. Either that or they were all nice.

They asked the lady in the Museum if she knew who owned me. The Council bloke said I obviously wasn't a stray because I was so 'well kept'. I know what he meant but its hard to lose weight when you get older. She didn't know so they arrested me. I had to jump in the back of their ute and then into a solitary confinement cage. Its times like that I wished I could speak English and not just blog it.

My life flashed before me. It had been so good, so rich, but had it come to this? Dad was still inside the Museum as they drove to the Council lockup to start my stretch.

Jail grub wasn't bad in Boulia. They gave me some food and water and patted me. But still, jail is jail. A dog torn from his master can never be happy.

Anyway, after about ten minutes I heard the Toyota coming. Dad jumped out and was so panicky he stood right in front of me and asked the men if they'd seen a blond cattle dog. I was too excited to bark. My jailers laughed and said like this one? My tail was wagging so fast I think I put my hip out.

Now I knew what Janis Joplin meant - Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose. Well I didn't really but its a great song.

Dad was so happy to find me. We went to the park and had a bit of a bonding session. He told me what a good boy I was which was a bit confusing given I'd just been to jail.

I am thinking of going on the talk show circuit and sharing my experience with other dogs. I might even write a Country and Western song - Busted in Boulia.


Tommie xx



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holly campbell
Tommie - you are sooooo coooool! Were you in there long enough to get a tat?? Part of the whole 'cred' thing to get a tat. Still, with your coat only a very few choices of skin space - ouch! Perhaps not. Still glad to see you've had one of life's big adventures and come out the other end neither tainted nor rehabilitated!!! Still Tommie! Get Dad on his geeetar and see what lyrics you can come up with - I reckon it'll be a dead cert at Tamworth next year. Woof - Holly
Woof Holly - yes I guess I am cool huh. I've done time - I've paid my dues .. Dad and I will definitely write a song about my experience - hope you are well Holly - Woof Tommie
Absolutely busting my sides laughing. You fabulous dog, they really broke the mould when they made you! Don't give dad too many scares like that though, you have to look after your old man. Take care Tommie.
Woof Barb .. It wasn't funny at the time I can tell you. I thought I was facing a life of four walls and one tin of PAL a week. No waking up in the Toyota or walking mountains with Dad. I am thinking of doing a benefit concert for all dogs who are locked up.. kind of like a canine Johnny Cash. Woof Tommie x

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Hey Tommie, your dad is a real dick, sometimes! Next time he forgets to tie you up because he gets some childish thrill from breaking the rules, bark like mad until he does the right thing. One of you has to accept some adult responsibility, and in this relationship I think it has to be you, Tom. (And, next time you see the Law coming, run like hell back to the truck and hide underneath and growl menacingly.) Love and pats.
Woof Aynn. I must say in Dad's defence that he has trained me to I sit by the door and wait. Thats what I was doing when the fuzz came. And when you look at it Alynn, it did increase the range of human and canine experience. I admit he's immature ... very ... but we have more fun than with an owner like say, YOU. Woof Tommie
Penny Auburn
Hi Tommy, Ask your dad if he enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit at the museum. I'd like to see it one day. It was put together by two eccentric brothers who are obsessed with fossils. Their sister came up to Boulia specially to paint the murals for the museum ... I used to know her when she lived in Sydney. Their dad was a lion tamer (no kidding) who kept his lions in cages out the back of their house in Manly where they grew up in the 1930s ... apparently the neighbours used to complain about the roaring. (True story. Honestly) Tommy I hope you've learnt your lesson now and will be keeping your nose clean from now on. xx
Woof Tommie. Yes.. Dad did see the dinosaur exhibit. He said it was incredible. That whole area had massive animals that would have scared me. We are going back to look more closely at the Dinosaur Stampede as well ... I'll tell Dad to research the brothers and the lion tamer as well. Woof Penny Tommie
Hey Tommy My grandma Dorothy's cousin Charlie Chalmers (my childhood penpal - we have the same birthday 80 yrs apart) went through Boulia last century with his family to set up what's now MacDonald Downs. Bet you're glad you're travelling in such luxury compared to them! xGlenda
Woof Glenda. Dad read me the story. I forget how lucky I am sometimes. Woof woof Tommie
Kate Lester
Omg Tommie! You are the funniest dog I have ever met!! I reckon you should be publishing a book, too. I know my school kids would love to read about your travels. I hope you're gonna be at your dad's launch coz you're way funnier.
Woof Kate .. Yes I know. The thing is I write most of his funny lines for the eSwag as well .. UNCREDITED. I will be at the book launch and will be doing as Book Pawing. Thats where I dip my paw in ink and make a mark on your book. Woof woof Tommie