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Posted on July 30, 2012 by
on the road at
Ross River Homestead
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WOOF WOOF WOOF ... I can't say it enough ...  Just when I thought I couldn't see any more incredible things, Dad took us to Ross River Homestead with two friends, Dianne and Deb. We had never been there before so it was always going to be fun. But I had not expected what we saw.

At the homestead was a joey called Jackie. She jumped around everywhere and wasn't even worried when she saw me. Her Dad, Shane, rescued her after the blackfellas had shot her mum. It sounds terrible but Aboriginal people have always hunted for kangaroo to eat. But she is safe now and loves being around people.


But there were other animals there too. THOR was a nice dog and didn't chase Jackie or the rabbits that bopped around. Dad make a joke when he got something in his foot - he said  ... have you got a THOR foot mate. Everyone laughed. Well Dad did anyway.

When I thought I'd seen everything a peacock jumped into a wheelbarrow and then on top of Dads car. He was worried because he hadn't met me before.

After Ross River we drove to Dads camp at Ipolera and saw a big group of camels. Then down the road we saw another male camel who was had been thrown out by the big bull camel. It must get lonely for him in the mating season.

Anyway. Besides all the animals it was great to see Dianne who is a friend from the Blue Mountains and her friend Deb. They loved me. Well everyone loves me but they really really loved me. In the mornings I would crawl into Dianne's swag by the fire. It was so warm and cosy.

Anyway. We had a great week. Dad and I are getting ready to go north now and then cross to Birdsville. We then have to get back to Sydney to do the cover for my book which I am releasing in October. Well it's Dad's book too I guess. Or I let him think so anyway.

I am excited about going to Birdsville because when we see to new places great stuff happens.

Woof Woof

Tommie xx


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It's a dog's life doesn't seem too hard to take...looks like your Dad is keeping you warm and well fed, plus loads of new friends and experiences. Keep us posted!
Woof Marg ... Yep. Its all happening as Bill Lawry says. Actually nothing is at the moment because I am in the car at the Resort for a few days waiting for Dad to head out to Birdsville.
Hi Tommie, Do I understand correctly that you are publishing a book as well as your Dad, or are you and he co-authoring?
Woof Julia ... its the same book and I suppose you could say it was a joint project although the hero is clearly me I think. woof woof. Txx

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Sally dog from heaven
Hi Tommie, My neighbours have a 'new' dog who I think, enjoys his tucker even more than you do. He's a retired blind (well, he's not blind but you know what I mean I think) dog and now he doesn't have to be working so hard he's like a little puppy. He visits my mum who hasn't joined me yet up here - every morning to eat the cat's food - which I used to clean up during the night sometimes - but now I'm not there it's often left over. Anyway just thought I'd tell you about him as he's very obedient still but does love his food. May you have many bones love Sally from heaven
Woof Sally Dog from Heaven. Do all the dogs still say woof in heaven. It was lovely to hear from you and to know your mum has a friend to visit her. She really loved me, well everyone does, but she adored me because I think she misses you so much. She talks about you all the time. But I guess you can feel that. Woof Woof to you Sally Dog in Heaven Txx
Pixel, keeper of Kit W. in Canada
Rawf rawf to you, Tommie -- always great to read of your escapades and impressions on this cool journey you're leading your Dad into -- cute wee joey there, this Jackie pal of yours! We have no creatures anything like her around here, more's the pity. Looking forward to your next, as your tales become my dreamtime (not in the technical sense of Dreamtime, just the normal nap kind). Licks, sniffs and a friendly Woof from me, Pixel, possibly sweetest pup in all of Canada if not North America, and modest too!
Woof Pixel .. you sounds great ... is that a Canadian accent - rawf rawf. It was a great week and tomorrow we heads out into really really remote country. We go to a place called Bouilia where they have these lights called the Min Min lights .. I hope we see them and I can tell you about them. You dont have kangaroos but we dont have bears. woof woof T