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I think you will agree that I never complain about Dad. I know what side my dog biscuits are buttered on. So please take this in the spirit it is written.

In Dad's latest blog he says "Meanwhile Tommie is trying to make sense of boxes and my spring cleaning. He recognises the different quality of the pack up. He isn't leaving my side until he knows he is part of the future."

Does he think I am stupid? What have we been blogging about for 3 months. Does he think I have missed the camper in the front of the house? Or that I haven't seen him loading everything into it?

Yes, I am anxious about leaving. Dad's not a great driver for a start. I don't really understand where we will be going. I think I'll be sleeping in the back of the troopy.

I know Dad is buying a roof top tent that he keeps calling his Italian Penthouse. I am sure he has only got it so I can't wake him up in the morning for breakfast. We have done it for 9 years. Every morning we are together I go in about 6.30am. Dad tells me to 'piss off' which isn't very nice.

I watch him from a few feet away as intensely as I can, willing him to get up. It usually takes about 30 minutes of staring before he gets up and does the right thing. I think its really because he wants a cup of tea.

Now Dad can take a thermos to bed and pretend I don't exist. He will be able to sleep in as long as he wants. So yes. I do worry about those kinds of things.

I am watching very closely. I am not sure EXACTLY what is happening. But I know we are hitting the road together as a team. And I know we have lots of fun together.

I've seen the Electronic Swagman logo too. It says it all really.  It's me and Dad. That's the thing. I posed for that photo while Dad held a treat in his hand. I looked at the treat for 5 minutes like I look at him in the morning. Our friend Matthew snapped away and I didn't move. Here is a shot of him and me.

Like Dad, I am excited and a little scared. But overall I just roll with the punches and I know I'll find new friends and be outside most of the time which I love.

I know a lot more than Dad thinks I do.

Woof Woof





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So where will you be sleeping, pup?
Sorry, I just saw - the back of the troopy. Didn't think you'd make it up that ladder!
Woof. No problem. I love the troopy. Its my moving kennel.
Hi Tommy. My Mum and Dad moved, but didn't take me with them. I had tostaywith neighbours for a while andit was lonely. But now I havea new mum. I'm training her well - she lets me sleep on the bed, and gives me bones and liver treats which I rarely got before. I do have to share the house with a galah in cage, and there are lots of birds in aviariesin the yard. I'm not allowed out when they are flying, which is frustrating, but we all have our trials. I don't think I'll bereadingyour dog blog any more, but Mum and dad may give me your news if theycometo visit. Woof - and a bit of a whimper Roxy.
Hi Roxy. That is a little bit sad. Maybe you coould ask your new carers to read the Dog Blog to you. Yes. Ask Sally if she can do that because I would love to keep in touch. Woof Tommie

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