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Posted on May 21, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Sometimes there isn't much to say about anything. People seem to find plenty to talk about even when there isn't anything to talk about but its harder with dogs. I can talk about how Dad and I are GOING to leave soon but it isn't as good as saying we are are leaving TODAY. Dad says we are in a holding pattern until our Toyota Kennel sells. He says it 'goes under the hammer' today which is a bit weird because that might flatten it. Anyway, I've given up trying to work out what people do with things.



So, we will wait to see what happens today. If my kennel sells then we leave in a week or so. I don't have much to pack up. Just my bed and a few things like my lead and my packet of low calorie dog biscuits. My dog coat is being washed at the moment and that will come in handy as well. 

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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tersia du toit
Woof woof Tommie! I really hope the auction will go well! I love this photo of yours. All "en garde"-like. Look after Dad on the road, once you're on the way in the new mobile kennel. Much love!
Susan Portz
Woof woof, Tommie! Best of luck with dispensing with the old kennel and on with the new. I assume that you mean an extra dog jacket, and not the dog coat you were born in? :) Love, Susan & Hogan
Hilde Bosmans
Woof Tommie, sometimes it's hard to let the things that you know go. But i hope, that you and your dad keep going on adventures xox
Fingers crossed for the kennel going today. Someone would be lucky to have it. Happy travels and I'll see you in October in Burra. Your new kennel will be well worn in by then and have all your familiar smells onboard - not sure if that's a good thing! X
Glad you are coming to the photography workshop with Dad and I. I love his workshops because everyone likes me so much.

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Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie, have you heard the saying 'a watched pot never boils' that is what is happening with you at the moment. The more you want to get going the slower the time goes. You will soon be on your way. Am sure your old kennel will sell today and it will only be a short time until you get your new one. It's good to know you travel light, when I move my swagettes to France they will need there own removal van!.have a good day sweetie. X