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Posted on May 17, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

I have a weekend off from Dad starting today. He is leading a walk in the Blue Mountains with some friends and I have two glorious days of lying on the lounge, curling up on the bed, having my tummy rubbed, begging for food and basically chilling out.

I wouldn't want it all the time mind you. Luxury makes you too soft. You lose your edge. But every now and again it's nice to have a weekend doing nothing. 

I'll still be able to write the Wuffington Post over the weekend because I'll talk to Dad on the phone. I mean I could post it myself but still, after all these years, he doesn't trust me with the password. It's a control thing I think. I mean there was a little incident a few years ago where I lost all his data but that happens to everyone. I mean I didn't know what the 'delete all files' button meant. 



Anyway. Have a good weekend. This photo is how I'll mostly be spending mine.

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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Susan Portz
Woof woof, Tommie. I don't think I have ever seen a sweeter picture of you. I do hope you enjoy your weekend of lounging. I know how happy you and your dad will be to see each other when he returns. Susan & Hogan
Lucky you, make the most of every minute (both of you).
patricia lang
I would love to cuddle you & kiss that lovely wet, black nose of yours Tommie. Hope I didn't make you blush!
Jacqueline sidwell
I'm sure you'll have a lovely weekend Tommie - sending you hugs, kisses & tummy rubs - virtual , of course. Seeing Dad again after your break will be wonderful <3
Woof,enjoy your weekend away from Dad.I would love to have you here for a year without Dad,but you`ll miss each other too much.I`ve got a 40th birthday party tomorrow night.Woof.
Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie, you look very cwtchy in the pic. Make the most of the relaxing weekend. It's nice sometimes to do just nothing but it gets boring if it happens too often. I don't understand why Dad doesn't trust you with the password, maybe he thinks you would be looking at undesirable stuff that floats round the web- you know what I mean. Anyway have a lovely weekend doing nothing but recharging your batteries. X

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lee bruce
eat all treats offered Tommie,breagha says she wont say a word.This weekend she might be going to her first ever  highland dogblog pack meeting at a place called loch Achlity . 
Jutta Gläser-Ziemendorf
Woof Tommie, we have a visitor this WE. A poodle-girl! I mean I like girls but one is enough and Chiara is here all the time. Besides this one is only seven - less than half my age - too much energy for sure! Wish I could be with you chillin´! Have a nice weekend,bye, Timmy!