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Woof woof everyone. It's Mother's Day here in Australia. Probably everywhere else as well. I had a mother of course but I can't remember her. Dad told me that she was dingo, one of Australia's native dogs.  They came from Asia many years ago. A Vet told Dad she was an alpine dingo which is why my fur is so thick. They would have needed that coat for the cold winters in the High Country. Dingos became camp dogs for Aboriginal people and sometimes they were also hunted by them for food.

Anyway, Mother's Day is really for humans. That's why we will visit Dad's mum today. I like her a lot. It doesn't worry me that she is losing her memory a bit because she always remembers to give me a treat and a pat. They are the important things in life.


But Dad and I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the Swaggies who follow our blog.

We will be heading off soon into the desert. We had to be in Sydney to get some things ready, like our Photo Store and other things. But we are nearly ready to leave now. I always get excited before we head off on a journey. Especially a big one like this will be. The dingo in me starts to dream of deserts and different smells and nights under the stars. I howl inside at the thought of traveling again like my mother and her ancestors used to.

Howl Howl Tommie xx

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Magee Brown
Love your post this this morning oh great dog with your dingo ancestors. ...have a great trip Tom
Susan Portz
Awhoooooooooo Tommie (said in my best Warren Zevon impression). I think most dogs have some wild in them. Hogan has never howled EXCEPT in his sleep! Once in a while, he'll be curled up in his bed and in his dreaming, he lifts his head and howls like a wolf. It's both funny and also disconcerting. I think it's interesting that it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I guess we all have atavistic memory. I love that wild part of him (along with every other part, of course).  Looking forward to hearing about your travels in the desert! Susan and Hogan
Hilde Bosmans
Thank you for thinking about mothers day.Lately it's very confusion for us in Belgium. We stick to the 15 of August Maria Hemelvaart.
karen vasquez
WOOF Tommie and thanks for the mother's day wish. one of my sweet memories of my son as a baby was one early morning, after one of the few nights he actually slept in his crib, I heard a siren on the street; outside, our dogs all howled and through the baby monitor I heard my little boy "aaaaoooorrrooooooo". he's still my big puppy lol. happy mother's day to all the moms and to your mum, Raymond. what a gift she gave us all with you.
Marlene Perry
Thank you Tommie, You remind me so much of a belovd dog our family used to have . She was a white German Sheppard..gorgeous dog lived to the age of 15. I so envy you guys being able to head off on trips, but it helps reading your posts.

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Lesley Maynard
Mothers Day in the UK is in March - so no breakfast in bed for me (yea like that ever happened!) Have a good one Australia
Superb photo Tommie!
Jacqueline sidwell
Its†lovely†to know who your ancestors were Tommie†- I know your mother and your real dad would have been proud of you. Keep up the posts - they are at least as interesting as your dad's! woof woof (&hugs)