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Posted on March 21, 2012 by
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There is an old question regarding whether dogs are born with the ability to blog or it comes from their owners. Whatever the answer, Max has clearly benefited from his writer mum Heather's guidance in his Letter to Tommie. We thank them both.

Dear Tommie,

The other day, Mum took me to Hahndorf because it was such a perfect  Autumn day. It was a sunny day with a cool edge and some of the trees were starting to turn red.  Mum knows I like to go for a walk down the main street of Hahndorf because there are so many smells. I reckon I get about ten sniffs in front of each little shop or house.

Mum says she read somewhere that a dog needs at least forty new smells a day so this place is for me what a big candy store would be to a human.

There were lots of tourists and some locals too. I met Mister and Barney who were visiting from interstate. Mister is fourteen and he must have had a bad experience with a Labrador in the past because he took a little while to relax around me and his back leg kept shaking, but his little mate, Barney was ready to play. Unfortunately there were too many humans around.

There were also some gorgeous girls from Stirling. A Dober'girl' called Nina and two Borzois (or was that Girlzois?) called Nike and Twiggy. We had a bit of a conference there and some of the tourists were a bit shocked to see us all there in one place but they healed to their leaders pretty well and let us be.

Later I saw Nike and Twiggy tied up in front of a dress shop and Nike was calling to her Mum to hurry up because some tourists were mimicking her bark. Then I saw some big sheep on the footpath and a sheep dog keeping them very still. But they didn't smell right. It was a bit freaky!

One day Mum was putting petrol in her car at Hahndorf and a couple from South Africa asked to take our photo because, they said, people don't pump their own petrol in South Africa.

Mum and I walked up the street and back again and by then I was ready for a drink and a nap in the back seat of the car. There are nice big trees there so it is easy to rest in the car while Mum gets a cup of coffee. She always sits outside so I can see her.

Soon we were off back home and I was ready for my dinner and a big sleep!

Talk to you soon, Tommie,

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