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Woof woof everyone ... Well! - What can I say accept maybe ... what can I say? Each morning for the past 6 months or so I have written my  Wuffington Post and all the details of my little life have been laid bare for all to see. I've not been frightened to go into those difficult areas like when I came clean about my over eating or when I asked for a little support when I lost my earection. I also think I have been very open about Dad's failings. Those who know Dad also know there are a few of those. Its a rich vein of writing as we say in the blogging world. But overall I have been happy to share the details of my life that others might think are unimportant or boring.

Like how last night we went for a walk to the shops and I found an almost full box of chicken nuggets behind a bush. That's like finding a nugget of gold is for humans. There they were all crispy and still a bit warm. That doesn't happen every day but when it does it restores your faith in humans to buy fast food and then throw it away.

Anyway, it's those little things that I have been able to write about which have given me a lot of joy. I think I will get some more joy today because Dad is picking up his camera and lens from the hospital. That means we will go photographing this evening. That is my favourite time to walk with Dad. There's lot of sitting and posing but really that's what I am paid for. We are a team, I am the star and he is the technical assistant.



Anyway, this photo is from our Photo Store. It's me on a salt lake called Lake Hart. Dad keeps saying he wants to go and camp there for a week later this year. There won't be any chicken nuggets out there but boy, there will be lots of other things. 

I'll keep you posted!

Woof woof Tommie xx


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Susan Portz
Oh, Tommie. I hadn't read those previous posts so I didn't realize that you had lost your earection and that it was a difficult time for you. I hope you don't think I was making fun of you a few weeks ago when I said how cute it is. I have always loved that in a dog, so there you go - beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. As for the over-eating, Hogan can relate. I swear if I left the lid off his food container, he would eat until he exploded. And it's hard for me to say no to him but I have to, 'cause I want him to be as healthy as he can be for as long as possible. I know you will be forgiving with Raymond when you still feel hungry.  And you're my favourite blogger. Your dad is a VERY CLOSE second, which I am sure you will feel is entirely as it should be. Talk to you soon, Star Pooch.
Woof Susan - I wouldn't have said VERY close but there you go. c ya Tommie
Kennel warfare
Tommie,here's a bit of guide to enhancing your communications
Thats fantastic - I'll post it on FB tomorrow. Dad is doing some videos of me.
You appear to be resting on a cloud in that photo. Tommie you are very important to us swaggies & NEVER boring!
Julie Baker
Chicken nuggets Tommie, do you know how many calories are in them, and its processed food. Not very healthy my boy. If its an occasional treat maybe one or two but a whole box. You are such a greedy boy Tommie but because you are so loveable we will have to give in to your indulgence. Lulu and Biggles have to get a haircut today, Jarvis got his cut yesterday. They like going to the groomers. They love Donna because they get lots of cuddles and she gives a great shampoo. At least they will smell better than they do just now. Have a good day. Xx
hello Tommy,I am really happy to see pictures, i hope to see still by by