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Posted on May 7, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone - It's been a while since I have done a big blog. I hope you haven't missed me because life is too short. I haven't really missed you because my life has been so busy and every single day there is something different. Like today. We have already been for a walk and I did a really big poop and Dad said "good Boy Tommie."

I don't really understand why I am good for "pooping". I mean you "poop" because you want a poop. There is something inside that makes you need to "poop". I think it is called peristaltic action.  Good and Bad has nothing to do with it. 



Anyway, as Dad has told you if you have read his blog, we are going to try and write every single day. We have been busy making a following for ourselves on Facebook. I certainly have. If Ben Hur was a dog I'd be bigger. I think I am more popular than Dad because I have lovely eyes and I am a lot nicer. Anyway we have 10,000 people following us but most of them follow me. 

We are in Sydney at the moment getting ready for the next big trip. It will be a big one. But we had to set up our Photo Store and get our Coaster bus made into a studio and Dad has done a lot of human stuff.

He is such a good boy. 

Woof woof everyone!

Tommie xx

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Karen V
WOOF! Tommie, everyone is "good" after a poop. Raymond, I need time to go through the photos! but, as far as Tommie goes, I've seen 3 so far (ok, 4) that i'm going to choose from. but, I have to go through all the others too! can't you draw stick figures for a while?