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Posted on December 18, 2012 by
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Woof woof everyone! This is the last blog of the year and quite frankly its been a very big one. Dad and I have travelled and travelled all over the place. We have met really nice pople and seen incredible places, like deserts and old mining towns and outback creeks. There have been more bones than you can poke a stick at and more sticks thrown into rivers than I can count.

We have lots and lots of friends on Facebook all over the world now and each day I send out the Wuffington Post and people say woof  back to me and tell me what their dogs are doing and what the weather is like. 

Dad and I have released our book and we are working on a new one. This one is more about me which is good because, quite frankly, there have been enough books about humans. I mean, what's to know? But the world of dogs is a mystery to most of you and that's where I come in.

The book will be called The BIG Little Book of Tommie unless we change it which Dad often does - he is responsible for marketing because I don't know what it is. 

Anyway, our last book - THE ELECTRONIC SWAGMAN - a Man, a Dog, the Road and a lot of Dead People - is out TODAY online. Dad says I have to give it a plug but I said "no I don't" - everyone wants to read about me. 

The thing is, with our CORNER STORE working now and with our photos available early next year we will be able to keep going. We are even going to do a calendar just for the DOG YEAR. That starts in March because humans forget about their dogs over Christmas. So our year goes from March to February.

Anyway - I want to give a big thank you WOOF to all the people who have been interested in what Dad and I do, and in the places we go. We do love it and I think you do to. 

woof woof

Tommie xx

PS. Also I have lost 10 kilos in weight and am feeling so much better. 

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Hi Tommie, that last picture of you is priceless... pity, or just as well, perhaps, you can't read. Your book(s) will be a winner. Have a great woof woof year! Jxx
Woof Julia - Seasons WOOFINGS to you too - Thanks for following us this year and making all thise great comments about flowers and stuff -- woof Tommie Love from Dad xx
Glad the diet is working Tommie. Looking forward to the next year and your adventures. Merry Xmas to you and your Dad. Dont eat too much. xx
Woof to you as well and have a gret Christmas - we will all have fun in the New Year - love Raymond & Tommie xx
Hi Tommie! You sure do get around. Mum and I haven't done much travelling lately, she reckons she needs to pay the mortgage, whatever that is. I'm just glad to live near the sea so I can cool off in this hot, hot weather. We are spending Christmas, whatever that is, with Mum's daughter and Granddaughter. I love Calla. She is a lot more fun than Mum because she runs around and we play chase. I hope you have as much fun next year as you did this, or even more. See you sometime, Sinbad (wuff)
Woof Sinbad - its hot here to but not as bad as where you are. Yes. Dad doesn't run around so much anymore either but thats Ok because I don't either. Woof woof Tommie