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Woof woof Everybody. Dad is out in the bush with a group and I am being looked after by Nel and Jamie and their little boys, J.J. and Matty in Hermannsburg. I stay outside on the verandah and can see everything that is going on. There are always lots of tourists arriving and I can bark at them. I bark at the local people too who come and fill up their water at the tap near the church because they say it is holy water. That's the water Dad uses as well because he says he needs all the help he can get.


Plus there is a tiny little black baby that Nel is looking after called Delicia. All the little Aboriginal children are named after American rap dancers where they used to have names like Gustav and Eskeikiel after the German missionaries. Delicia is so small and little I don't even look at her in case she breaks. The poor little thing didn't have any food and her mum and dad were drinking booze and forgot to feed her. Nel and Jamie make sure she is fed now and she even had lots of shots with vitamins. She is a very black little girl but treats Nel and Jamie, who are white, like her mum and dad. You see things like this all the time out here. Sadness and then goodness. They stick out like dogs balls [it's ok if dogs say it] because the sad things are so sad that the good things are so good.

I don't really like being away from Dad but I always know he will pick me up when he comes in to get Aunty Mavis and her family to take them to meet his walkers. We all get in the car and I bark and everyone says - shut up Tommie - but I can't because I am so excited. I know there will be new people to meet at camp and they will all love me.

I am always in with a good chance that they will feed me when Dad is not looking if I look sad enough. That's the trick. I am really good at it. Another trick is to never give up. Just sit and sit staring at their food looking sad. Not too sad mind you. And don't drool or you just look pathetic. Only just recently I have perfected letting one ear drop. They love that. Then there the tilted head if you get a really hard case who needs softening up.

There are some people who are easy and some who will break eventually. They are more fun in a way because there is a bit of a challenge.

Anyway. Dad picked me up and we went out to Ipolera. I did my begging thing and it was very successful. I slept by the fire with my friend Cisco and crawled up to him in the very early morning. We are very good friends. I have known him for a long time now. Maybe five years or so.

Really I know lots of people and now I have lots of dogs who talk to me on here as well. I am lucky.

Woof Woof Tommie

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Anne Looby
I think Tommy must have had a word in Mischa's ear when he was last in Balgowlah - she has perfected the sad head in lap doleful look. 
Woof Annie & Mischa. Its an art and I did have a word with her. Woof T
Ah Tommie Who could resist those eyes, that wet nose, the lopped ear and ultimate head tilt. I couldn't resist you at all (unless the food was bad for you like chocolate or biscuits). Perhaps if Richard Gere had studied under you more closely he would'nt have come unstuck in American Gigolo!! Do you think any of your oh so subtle tricks would work 'human to human - female to male' if so, I will book in for a session when we meet and perhaps I will have better luck in the companion department. At this stage, I'm running out of ideas. Meantime you are in one of the loveliest spots, my favourite Hermannsburg. I will tell you about the BIG PLAN I had for restoring the whole community - very visionary and it would have become the standout community in the whole country. But that's for another day. I am glad you and your Dad are well and keep your coat on - I see the night temperatures on the news and it's definitely nippy! Woof woof H
Woof Holly. We are there right now. I am exhausted and am sleeping in the back of the troopy while everyone checks out the mission. Dad and I look forward to meeting up with you again. woof Tx
You look like you're very successful! I'm sure some of the dogs you meet could do with some pointers from you.
Woof Marg. I do run courses if you know any dogs who might be interested. Woof T
Hey Tommie, sounds like you've had a great trip bud. Lucky you!. Sad eyes, a dropped ear, gets the ladies every time mate. Throw in a little whimper and you've got putty in your paws! Looks like you've got competition bud! Dads throwing out the big guns in order to bolster his bloggers hits. resorting to Rock and Roll stories. I'll let you in on a secret... rock & rolls keen but sad eyes gets 'em every time! Rock on dude