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Posted on June 14, 2012 by
on the road at
Grenfell. NSW
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What a week I've had. We finally left after all sorts of last minute things. Dad had to go back about four times to do stuff. He put me in the car about three hours before we left because otherwise I follow him around and he gets seriously angry.

Anyway, we were finally on the road. In Hartley I found a bone that was still juicy. I took it as a good omen for the trip. I mean what are the chances of that.

I sniffed around the town and Dad took photos which weren't very good. I could have told him that because the light was too strong. But what would I know ... He's the expert

Our first camp was great. It was very cold but we got a fire going and I helped Dad by pulling the sticks he found.

Then he scattered some food around the camp so I had to find it. It's a great game.

There was one sad thing. I saw a dead dingo near our camp. I didn't go too close to it out if respect. We did see other ones along the way too, but they were alive and fatter than usual. Not as fat as me of course and they didn't have dog coats either.

We found a little new born goat in another camp and Dad wouldn't let me out. He knew I wouldn't hurt it, and I wouldn't, but he didn't want to frighten the little thing. We heard the goats through the night and then the little one would make a noise. I would just smile and go back to sleep.


Anyway. It was great week. We are still getting into the swing of it. Dad has a few trips to run over the next fortnight and then I think we are going to head into Western Australia for a little while.

Its nice at night after we have been travelling. We get the fire going, Dad writes or watches iTV and I lie in front of the fire. It's quality time and I think we are both very lucky to have one another.


Tommie xx


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Tommy So chic in your Road Gear. I see a whole range of Tommie-Wear hitting the stores any day now! And the shot of you in front of the Swagman Hilton with all its accoutrements on display - most impressive. The bone was a lucky find - I'm always trying for 4-leaf clovers and in 50... something years all I ever found was a $5 note wrapped round the stem of a dandelion. Quite good really for 1968 but $5 doesn't go far and its now 2012 so am hoping for a top-up of good luck. Play nice with the other dogs and look after Dad. Woof - H
Hey Holly. I will. I think I'll get me RM Williams jacket soon when Dad finally washes it out. It is waiting for me at Hermannsburg. I might wear both because it has been incredibly cold at night. Woof Tommie xx
Hey Tommie, always love reading ya blog, gives so much of a more realistic perspective on things. Bet you would never hear dad saying they were shitty photos! Mate, watch out for the local dingoes, they can be a bit of a jealous mob, they might take the piss out of you wearing that coat. Don't pay any attention, you are cool.
woof Michael. I am cool arent I. Yep. I am one cool dingo. Thats my morning affirmation from now on. Woof T
Hey Tommie. What a cool dude you are. I have had so much feedback on you coming into my clinic, with Dad buying you your smashing new coat and all. Stay safe and warm out there and enjoy your travels.
Woof Sandra. It is nice to hear from you. Thats one of the great things about making friends and then being able to talk to them again. Dad will contact you when you we are coming back your way. woof Tommie
Hello Tommie, Thanks for sharing your wonderful new life so eloquently with those of us who are unable to live the dream we share with you. I was with you when you pussy-footed around the unfortunate dingo. It's not good to look death in the face, eh! And I can smell the smoke of the campfire, and sit in silence with you as we gaze into its warmth, mesmerized by flickering flames.You look so good in that coat - it was made for you! How do you feel about Ben Hall?
Woof Honour. We did have a great week. I like Ben Hall as well. Who wouldn't. I don't think he would have had a dog in case we barked in the night and gave his hiding place away. Thank you for following us. Woof T