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I was going to have a week off from writing and claim dog writers block but in truth Dad has been too busy to help me. So I'll just tell you a little bit about how we write and you will understand why it takes so long.


Did you see the movie THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY? It's about the a man with trapped-in syndrome. He was completely paralyzed from an accident like I had when I accidentally flew out of the car when my paw hit the window button. But I was lucky and got better but he wasn't.

Anyway, he wrote a book by blinking when a letter was called out. Imagine that. He could only blink with one eye because the other one had some problem and had to be sewn up.

Well this is what we do and why my blogs are shorter than Dad's. I don't blink my eye, I lift my paw when the right letter is spelt out. Dad hates it when I spell a word wrong or need to say something again.

So please understand why my stories are a little short.

As we drove back from Queensland I had lots of fun. I hassled a horse and he was pretty clever. His owner told Dad to put me in the car because an old horse like him can drop on a dog if he wants to and really hurt him.

Then we went to the sea and I chased seagulls at a place called Brooklyn north of Sydney. I love the ocean. Dad is going to take a video of me surfing sometime.

Dad has written about some of the people we have met over the past few years but he hasn't mentioned me very much. I was there for all of them. Especially Klaus and his camels. I wasn't allowed to bark at them and Klaus got mad at me once.

woof woof


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Hey Tommie! Your life is certainly exciting. I am lucky I get to go tho the beach a lot and I love chasing those seagulls as well. I can't surf though. There is no surf up here. just very small wavelets. I have had some excitement of my own. Mum has started work and I go to a place full of other dogs while she is at work. I was a bit frightened when she left me, but when I saw the big paddock and all the other dogs I forgot her completely. It was a blast, but I was very tired that night. Ciao, Sinbad
Woof Sinbad. Thats sounds great at day care. When Dad first got me he put an add in the local paper for people with dogs who needed a playmate. I got heaps and forgot him too for a while. woof T
Hi Tommie, its right your Dad put you in the car. I had Zena the cow murder our pet duck by rolling on it! So take care out there dude!
Woof Jenny If that horse had rolled on me I might have ended up only blinking as well. woof T
Hey Tommie! Love that photo of you dude! You did a brave thing getting that close to the giant. I met a new friend at the dog park. Her name is Roxanne and she is a golden lab like me and she really knows how to play chasy. I can't wait to see her again.
Woof Max. It's good when you meet a friend who appreciates the important things. I am getting a bit old for chasy now. I just stand in the middle like the center of a merry-go-round and let the young dogs race around me. Clever huh? Woof T