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Posted on May 23, 2012 by
The Electronic Swagman
on the road at
Rylstone NSW
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Woof .. Dad and I have driven up to Queensland dragging our new Adventure Camper. 

We stopped in a little town called Rylstone and the first thing we did was to buy a jacket for me from the local vet. Her name was Sandra and she was lovely so I kissed her on the cheek. Well it was more of a lick really. She fitted the jacket and gave me so many treats Dad asked her to stop because he is worried I'll get fat again.

Anyway it was a good start to our trip because it is getting very cold at night and I look really good in blue.

Then we went to the local park. It was exciting because we crossed an old railway bridge with planks. It was a straight drop down to the creek below and when I got to the other side my heart was pumping a bit. A lot really.

As we walked back to the car we met a local girl called Jo. Dad and her started talking about her dog.

She was a cross between a cattle dog and a boxer. So because she has half cattle dog in her she wasn't completely stupid like most boxers. Her name was Bidy and she had big black patch across one eye. The thing was that her other eye was a little bit like an albino. Jo has to give her sunglasses when it is really sunny. Apparently she really likes wearing them which is funny.

Jo has eight cattle cross boxers but she says that you only ever get one dog soul mate and Bidy is hers. When she said it she rubbed Bidy under her neck. I think I am Dad's.

I slept nice and warm last night and it makes me feel very grateful. I have got a lovely bed and I have my nice new padded coat and I am inside the Toyota all on my own. I think of all those camp dogs in Hermannsburg and other places with no food. I think how cold they must be at night and how lucky I am.

Even more now that we have the Adventure Camper because it has a fridge and I get real meat for breakfast now rather than the dry pellets for dogs prone to obesity. I always felt embarrassed that people might read the label and know I had an over-eating disorder. Plus I felt like a chook eating those pellets.

So, it is important to say how lucky you are when you are. I look forward to when we camp in one place for a week or so. Dads bought a bicycle and we are going to explore that way. I'll run beside him. We will see lots of great things that way and I will get some more exercise too. 

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Hey Tommie, How cool do you look in your new coat !!!It will keep you toasty warm on these chilly nights, that's for sure. Was great to meet you and your Dad. Here's hoping you have safe travels. Best Wishes from Sandra.
Woof Sandra. It was great to meet you to. The coat is great and I have attracted a lot of envious looks from other dogs. See you next time we pass thru Rylstone. Woof woof Tommie
Hey Tommie, Your new coat looks great! I am glad you are off the pellets. I hope my mum reads your blog and gets sensible and gives me real meat for breakfast! Bidy looks pretty smart to me. I think I'd have to roll over if I met Bidy at the park. Hope you have fun in your new camper.If the bike idea gets a bit much you can just nibble the back tyre a bit.
Woof Max. Good to hear from you again. Great tip with the tyre. You are street smart. T