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Dad and I go got back home late last night. Well it's not actually home anymore now we have our Adventure Camper.But it is still somewhere we can visit sometimes. Home is now on the road. I think are heading to the High Country of Victoria next or maybe the Warrumbungles in Northern NSW. The thing is we don't really know where we are going. .

Our new camper is wonderful. Dad has been talking about it for a long time and dreaming about it even longer. But things happen eventually. Even if they are so far in the distance you don't think they will ever arrive. Like a new bone that Dad buys from the butchers and it seems to stay in the fridge forever. Then one day out it comes and you think it's Christmas.

Well sometimes it is because I always get a big bone at Christmas.

Dad has been 'blogging' and I have been 'dogging' for three months now. Its a big job for me because dingos don't usually have to think about things very much. But now as we drive I just stick my head out the window and let thoughts and feelings come. The when I sit down to 'dog' it is easy.

Read Dad's BLOG ON BLOGGING about our 3 months of the Electronic Swagman. I get a mention. It is really nice because we are getting closer and closer. I don't mean because we both sleep in the back of the Toyota together, I mean because we spend so much time together.

As we drive we always stop every few hours. I have a sniff and Dad a stretch. Then we head back into the car and drive off. It is a nice way to live.

Now we have the camper we will pull up for a week by a river or a beach and just enjoy being in one place. Dad is going to buy a bike so we can leave the car behind and explore that way. I'll run beside him. He is also looking for an inflatable canoe that will fit us both.

See we do everything together.

I have a great life don't I.

woof woof.




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Sarah Lambert
Ah Tommie. I hope you get the inflatable canoe soon. They are tops for dogs. My dog Misha (a black pug) is a tremendously confident sea-dog. She balances on the inflatable sides without falling in as we humans row up the stream. And she snores in the bottom of the boat all the way home. That's the way we like it...
Woof Mischa & Sarah. I am really looking forward to it. Ive never actually been on a boat but love swimming in the sea. woof Tommie
It's a dog's life, Tommie, and you is the Dog! How about a photo of you and the camper?
Yep ..we are going to shoot it soon... woof
Tommie I would love to be able to 'dog' like you. Sticking your head out the window while driving sounds like bliss. I hope you enjoy the camper.
Sam. That's a great name for a dog. Tom & Sam. We'd make a great team. woof woof