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Thank you to Max who wrote my blog last week. It isn't that I can't write without Dad around, its just that he won't give me the website password. Anyway, I stayed with Steve and his family. We always have a great time.

Kiree is Steve's labrador and she is very friendly. We chase balls together and when there was a cold snap she let me sleep in her kennel.

Steve has a wife called Annette and daughters called Maddie and Mia and they all really like me. They also have a chook called Sooty and one called Miss Coco. Miss Richmond is another one and she had her leg amputated the other day. Steve thought Jack the ginger cat did it but it turns out she got caught on some wire, chicken wire of course. It was touch and go for a while but they saved her. 

Steve and Annette saved a brush tail possum as well who got caught in their chimney. When Steve started a fire he heard loud noises and found the possum getting very hot. He was stuck upside down which meant that all the stuff in his lungs dripped out from inhaling the smoke and he was ok. Steve and Annette feed him grapes.

Even though it's fun with them I do miss Dad. I always know he is doing really fun stuff and I like being part of it. And I have never been to Tasmania.

I was very excited when he came back and picked me up.

Dad was pleased I have lost a little more weight as well. He said I looked as slim as Brown Dog today which is good. I just hope he doesn't go too far because he can get obsessive when he is on a mission. He keeps weighing me at the vets and they think it's a bit strange. Especially the way he goes on and on about how much I have lost when we are there. I saw them rolling their eyes the last time.

And I don't mind a bit of ballast.

Anyway. That was my week. We leave on the weekend to pick up our new camper trailer in Adelaide. It's really exciting.

woof woof


PS. You can read about Dad's Tasmanian trip on eSwag. It sounds really good.



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Tommy, you have a great life. We think it is as if you have won dog lotto! Love reading your blog.
Woof Barb. Yes ... but its not all beer and skittles. I do have to have baths sometimes. But you are right. I am thankful that Dad got me from the Katoomba Pound. We have lived on a farm, we travel, I have friends in the desert. I have even flown on a plane although they put me in cage. Woof woof