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Posted on December 11, 2015 by
on the road at
Goodwood Institute, Adelaide




Hello everyone


Finally the worm has turned.


After supporting singers, musicians and actors both on international stages and in thousands of run- down dives for decades; after spending much of my formative and unformative years preparing a stage for other people,  finally ... finally ... I am ON IT.





Yes, at 62 years of age my time has come and I get my premiere performance on stage with a rock and roll band. Admittedly no one has asked me to sing or play, but I am still ON IT, and with an important role. As Narrator in BROTHERS, ANGELS & DEMONS, I illuminate the life story of my old friends the Brewster Brothers. Between songs I am the Inquisitor, teasing out their amazing personal story that reaches back into South Australian music history.



I know them as only a roadie and friend can. Like the warriors to whom Henry V spoke - 'we few, we happy few, we band of brothers' - I was there as we toured the world, gig after gig, town after town, song after song. I was there as crowds grew as their band The Angels took Sydney by storm, thousands pouring into a gig that should have only held a few hundred souls. I was there when we played Seattle and Portland, New York and London, as we rocked a French crowd in Paris and blew Cheap Trick off the stage. I was there at Alberts where we recorded Face to Face and AC/DC played below us, the muffled strains of 'Long Way to the Top' heard through the soundproofed studio.

To sum it up, I was there. 


Come along if you can, you South Australians, to the Goodwood Institute in Adelaide on December 19th, yes the Saturday before Christmas, if only so that as I address the room I will know that some of those in the audience, even if only a few, after all these years, came to SEE ME.


And to all those who can't I wish you a Merry Christmans and Happy New Year and hint at some interesting things ahead in 2016 for this old Swagman.




Raymond & Ralph xx


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sharon chapman
You sound happy and in a good place now Raymond am so glad,love your sense of humour. You and Ralph have a wonderful christmas and new year too.Lots of love xx
Ingrid Petersson
Hi, I'm so happy for you and I wish you all the best and no doubt that you will enjoy Dec. 19th. I wish I could have been there. Merry Christmas and Happy New year and Birthday! xxx :) Ingrid
Lee bruce
I AM DELIGHTED TO SEE YOU CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN. I just wish my son sholto who is a theatrical was there already as he helps run the theatre in the holden a street festival,part of the adelaide fringe every year and will there end of jan/beginning feb. Break a leg and enjoy Raymond we wish you a happy,health and safe festive time.