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We have been on the road for a week or so. We drove up to Uluru and stayed with Alison Hunt who is a friend of our's. She let me sleep in Dad's room. I really like her. Dad is going to tell her story sometime. She told Dad that I was much better behaved than her dog who nips people all the time. Alison said he just loves fighting any chance he gets he's into it. She loves him though.

Anyway, to get to Uluru we headed up through Willcannia and I swam in the Darling River. Then to Broken Hill, Port Augusta to Uluru. After that we drove to Hermannsburg. We had a meeting about the Ilpurla Trail that we are developing. l walked the trail about 5 times last year. The clients really love me. I met some of the dogs from last year at the meeting. To be honest they are scary because they don't like new comers. I stay very close to Dad or sit in the back of the Toyota.

We were supposed to come back on the Thursday for a bigger meeting but a teenage girl died on the Wednesday. That means the whole community goes into Sorry Business for at least a fortnight and maybe a month. It is a terribly sad time and out of respect everything stops. This happens a lot in Hermannsburg because the kids don't have any real future. At the meeting the day before the old ladies were saying that they want the trail because the children need to have something to do. Then this happens the very next day.

I am feeling a lot better after a getting too fat when I was up here last time. I was almost 30 kilos and now I am down to around 26 or so. Dad only feeds me once a day and gives me a pill to stop my joints aching. It's made from a shark or something. I do feel much lighter and soon I'll be able to start training again for the trail.

So we are driving back tomorrow. I love the road. When I know we are going we both feel good. You never know whats going to happen like the bull that rammed Alison's car. I wasn't allowed out because I would have charged the bull and just made things worse.  Read about it  on Dad's eSwag-6

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Wow, you have a great life, Tommie. So glad you are over your writer's block. You are very brave to swim in the Darling.. I don't like water, and when my ball goes into the pool at home Mum has to dive in and get it for me. I'm a Corgi cross,so I'm a bit of a princess - and I milk it for all it's woth! Have a good trip. woof.
Hi Roxy Yep.I know what you mean. I had a sore foot and I noticed that when I walked with a limp Dad really fussed over me. So now its really easy to get some attention. Thing is you have to train them slowly. Woof Tommie