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Posted on May 30, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Nice day here in Sydney but I would rather be on the road. Still, it won't be long now and when we are out there it will be for almost half a year or so. That's a lot of bones and new smells and sleeping under the stars and woof woofing at strangers and at new dogs. That's a lot of watching the world pass by from our new big kennel. 

Its a lot of posing for Dad to take photos of me at night or in the morning when the light is perfect. It's also a lot of things happening that we didn't expect to happen, like seeing an emu and her two chicks walk past like they were going to school or pulling of the side of the road and finding a feral goat being borne at that exact moment.



It's a lot of so many things I should take this time to just keep chilling out so that when we leave I am all set for our big adventure. 

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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Willy Hunsaker
Woof my Dog!
Oh the anticipation! :)
Susan Portz
Woof woof,'s hard to wait, isn't it? lots of love, Susan & Hogan.
Your life is good - enjoy every second x
tersia du toit
Woof! I cannot start my day until I've seen your sweet face on my page first thing in the morning. I look forward to seeing "We're on the road..." soon!
Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie, you are right, take this time to relax and recharge your batteries. Once you are back on the road you will be on a constant state of alertness with so much going on because you certainly won't want to miss anything. 'Speak' to you tomorrow. X
good road tommy little lucky, makes good use of all good all around and sniffs!!! woof woof!!! béa from France