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Posted on May 29, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Thanks to all those who commented on my blog yesterday. I am not great with words but I know when they are heartfelt and clever and yesterday they were both. I also know when Dad is coming home and thats this morning. I will be waiting at the door and know the exact moment even though I don't have a phone or anything like that. I just KNOW.

Everyone always tells him when he gets back how I went and waited ten minutes before he arrived like it's some big deal. Maybe it is for humans but not for dogs. We see and feel things differently and especially with your master. That's a special bond.



Anyway, we heard from the man doing the renovation on our Coaster and it is almost ready now. Just need our Toyota Kennel to sell at auction and we are off.

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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duke used to wait by the door halve an hour before his dad got home he would also cry...they just know...<3
tersia du toit
Woof Tommie! How wonderful that Dad's on his way back to you. Yes, I know dear beloved dog, the instincts and sensing of you and of cats, which I experience. I hope you can be on the road soon, it will be such release for you and Dad. Woof xxx
lee bruce
Hi Tommie, Breagha says to tell you that she always knows when dads on his way home,she always asks out to wait at the gate,sometimes i think she is early but when i ask dad it turns out that she has asked out just when he has left his office 17 mies away. she always knows when we are going away even if we hide the suitcases,even if she does not see us pack or get ready she will be at the back door or like our shadow.On monday she will get anxious we we pack up the car to the roof for a Westray island week but she watchess out the window and when we have gone past the kennels and turn for north,she always knows and settles,rabbit chasing and beaches for her next week.
Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie. You know Tommie, animals have a special inbuilt radar that detects when their human is near. Just how near is different for everyone. One of my dogs used to get excited when her master was about 2miles down the mountain. He was not home most of the time and only came back about every 6 or 7 weeks. Never the same day, never the same time. She just knew.but with me, they all know when I am about half a mile away they start walking back and forth to the door. (I know because sometimes someone else is at home when i am away). This is just one of the many things that endear us to our dogs and why our lives would be very empty without you. (Not you personally but all dogs lol). Love you loads....xx 
Willy Hunsaker
What a grand re-union.....hope you give Dad lots of love and he you.  If all the swaggies take a minute today for special thoughts, maybe even prayers, that your kennel will auction well, you will be on the road.  It is too far to travel to my house, and I am only a little fella, but we will be wishing you both the best. One  Willie