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Posted on February 14, 2012 by
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Firstly I'd like to say thank you to everyone who commented on the blog, especially Lily, Amooti, Dubbo, Tinkerbell, Molly, Roxy and Max. Maybe we should start our own Facebook page.

Just one thing little thing. Dad has a way of finding out who gets the most hits on the blog. Well I got more than him and by a fair bit. Actually I got more than him and Fr. Kelly on the Guest Blog put together. I know he was a little upset because I could hear him saying ... or rather crying .. a dog .. I was beaten by a dog. Anyway. If you could at least click his eSwag that would be good. You don't have to actually read it.

Dad is off to Sydney tomorrow night and I am going to stay with my good mate Kira who is a retreiver, She is Steve's dog.

I like Steve very much. He renovated our house and we became really good friends. I used to hate men because my first owner was one. He wasn't very nice. He would hit me and leave me chained up outside the hotel. Thats how I came to Dad because someone found me chained up early in the morning and took me to the Katoomba Pound.

Men made me scared for a long time and I would always growl and bare my teeth at them. When they looked away I would nip their boots. I did the same with Steve but he threw a ball to me all day while he worked at our place. Every morning I'd still growl at him when he arrived and he would just say ... Gidday Tommie ... then start work and throw the ball to me. By the end of the month I'd forgotten that I hated men because I looked forward to seeing him so much. Anyway, after that I met lots of good blokes and everything was OK.

So you can see why I like visiting him. He still throws balls to me and Kira but I am so much better than her she gets upset. Bit like Dad when I get more blog hits than him. She's a retriever who never retrieves anything. We kept losing all the tennis balls and then Steve found them in her kennel. There was about 10 hidden in the corner. She did it on purpose.

See you later..

Woof Woof


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Sally dog from heaven
Up here there's balls for AFRICA - EVERYWHERE - shooting off in all directions and even I get tired of chasing them! and that's saying something cause I have border collie AND kelpie in my genes. Happy chasing
Hi Sally .. Dad just took me swimming in Katoomba because we hit the road again tomorrow. Its the only bath I get unless something really smelly happens. Plus ball chasing makes me sore at the moment. So its balls into the water for me at the moment. woof Tommie
The Dilettante
The facts speak for themselves. The Outrageous success of the Dog Blog is fully deserved Tommie. Strong style and dogged focus win through (if it is competition that is) and I did click twice on his eSwag.
The Dilettante is emerging as a wordsmith with a twinkle in her language. Dad is beating me on this one but its only because he was able to use a sexy title. woof Tommie
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