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Posted on May 28, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Dad stayed with his old mum last night and I stayed with some friends. Even though I know he will be back a part of me, deep deep down, worries that he won't. Even after all these years I don't like him being away. Even though I am a rescue dog and Dad rescued me I still fret a little that something will happen. 

Some things are so deep that you can't dig them out. They just have to slowly weather away and this feeling almost has, this fear of being left, but it is still there just a little.



He is spending tonight with his mum as well. I'll just take the opportunity to catch up on some sleeping and eating. 

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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Sharon Thiel
Never fret, Tommie, your dad loves you very much, and would never, ever leave you behind! You are his absolutely 'furever' friend :-)  Enjoy your rest time, for you'll be off on more adventures with him soon! <3 
tersia du toit
Woof Tommie Dog! Yes, we all have deep deep down fears that come to the surface at certain times. So you are among good friends beloved dog. We hope Dad's mom is good and healthy! Love u lots !
I rescued my dog called duke...he was being missed took me 9 months to get him out...I never ever left his side,i would not be able to go on holiday so for 10 years I didn't go anywhere.i got bryn the greyhound rescue centre...I still have him i can take bryn now as he has mellowed out now he is old....they was very aggressive towards other dogs...making it very hard on me and tony their dad. I have have also rescued others,last one named joey...a little pup....whooppp....the only time I left my boys was when I had to be in hospital for 5 weeks.menengitis in my brain and shingles.... tommy I know how you feel when your dad goes I know because this is how I feel
Pamela Moore
Don't worry Tommy. Dad will always be there for you. Right now he is spending time with Nana before you go away and that is a great thing to do. Did you see the fog this morning over Sydney? hope your dad takes a photo x
Alan Williams
To help someone overcome basic insecurity within, a healthy dose of chocolate can become a good therapy... Ha Ha  woof woof.
Susan Portz
Understood, Tommie. There was a great passage in a book called, "The World According to Garp." When the parents in the book took their children to the beach, they would always said, "Watch out for the under TOW" but the children misheard, thinking they were saying, "Watch out for the UnderTOAD," and the Undertoad became the symbol for those nameless, disquieting feelings that make us uneasy. Both Hogan and I have some fears of the Undertoad too. I hope your dad is back soon to give you a pat and make it all better again and, in the meantime, there are a LOT of people out here who love you. I hope that helps. Woof woof from Susan and Hogan
christine whelan
hey don`t fret pet!!.he`s  not off swagging so  don`t stop`re the swagger`s dont get zigger zagger,,get a grip..bite yer lip.dont go pouting.,stop that pouting!!
I love it Christine. I AM the swagger's swagger
Willy Hunsaker
I bet your Dad misses you as much as you do him. Just think how happy you will feel when you see him in the morning! Sweet dreams Dingo/ are loved.