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Posted on May 25, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

It's that time of year again. The old coat comes out to help me get through the cold nights. When Dad gets it out I just go and stand in front of him so he can put it on me. He always says 'good boy' but it's not about being a good boy. It's about wanting to stay warm. I've talked about this before .. the way humans are always talking about good and bad .. as if they can talk.

The old coat has woollen fur inside and it is called a 'Driza-Bone' which is short for 'dry as a bone'. Dad's got one to and we look great when we are both wearing them. Like a team.



Anyway .. Dad and I are still waiting to sell my Toyota Kennel. It's OK because it will just be all the better when we hit the road. Well that's what I am telling myself anyway.

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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Woof Tommie, you look great with your coat. Here in Belgium we must take are coat to go outside. It's still  friesing cold outside. Spring is almost gone, we hope that the summer gives us the warmth that we need. x
Hilde Bosmans
i wroth this latest tekst: Internet is going nuts.
Willy Hunsaker
Looking good Tommie;  wishing you all the best!
woof,RM Williams would be very proud of you wearing his Aussie gear.I saw a dog yesterday Tommie walking up the street with the owner,the dog walked past someonne who was eating and the dog gave him a good look.I thought of you when I saw it,lol.Sell kennel sell.
You look swell.our summer came today well for today,it was snowing a few days ago high up.Breagha has been in the sea today and rolling about to dry herself.
Susan Portz
Woof woof! Tommie, your Dad saying, "Good boy" to you is just one of those things that we humans say, sort of to comfort ourselves and sort of like a verbal pet to you. I say it to Hogan all the time, basically just for being himself. He doesn't have to do anything more than that. . VERY handsome coat! I would like to see a shot of both you and your Dad in your matching coats sometime. Best of luck with selling the old kennel. . Susan & Hogan
Sherri-Ellen T-D.
Bery fancy coat dere Tommie!!! Funny how Hu'manz talk about guud n bad!!! Fer us dere iz no guud or bad, MOL!!! As you can see me finally got Mum to get us here to read yer acshual blog!!! ;) Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.