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Posted on May 16, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Dad left me in the city yesterday when we went to the auction to sell my moving kennel. He didn't want to advertise the fact that, as he described it, a 'mangy old cattle cross dingo' had been sleeping in it for four years. I would have thought that was a selling point. In any case, our logo is on the side so everyone will know a dog has been inside. Then there is all my hair that Dad has to try and vacuum up. 

We will take the moving kennel for auction on Tuesday and when we sell it, if we sell it, we will hire a car and drive to Adelaide to pick up my new BIG kennel. It will be such fun. We will go places that you can only dream about. In fact I have been to a lot of them already and I still dream about them. 

But the thing about the road is the things you DON'T know will happen. Like one minute you are driving along and the next minute you are a blurry dog running along the beach with a young boy. BANG! Instant fun.


Dad and I are itching to be back on the road but it has been a big job building our online store. It has all the beautiful images you have all loved looking at.  

So life is about to change in a few weeks again for us. I am not sure where we are going but we will be doing a walk in the desert with some friends. Maybe then we might head off to Western Australia and see places we have never seen like the Kimberly. Dad has bought all this camera gear so we can make videos of our travel as well. Best you become a Swaggy so you can get our daily newsletter. Then you will won't miss anything. 


WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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lee bruce
it all sounds very exciting.Breagha has to go to the vets oh dear.she wont like it she has an itchy patch. good travels tommie those of us who can only dream of travel enjoy travelling through the ether.
Susan Portz
Oh, Tommie - you look like you're having SOOOOO much fun here! It just makes me laugh. There is nothing so happy as watching a dog be happy.  Looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the road! Woof woof from Susan & Hogan
Woof Tommie dear dog! What a nice soggy photo of you and the young boy. Your Dad has certainly done a great job introducing you to everybody! Now you are so famous my love. I sincerely hope the old kennel will fetch a goodly sum at the auction! Love, hugs and kisses on a wet nose!
Exciting times ahead! :)
Exciting news Tommie. We will enjoy seeing your adventures unfold x
Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie, how exciting, all the new places to see. I am sure your old moving kennel will sell in an instant. Don't worry about your hair being all over the place, it's always hard to get rid of completely. I fill the vacuum cleaner up every day with dog hair and dander. Lovely pic by the way. X