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Posted on May 15, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone ... 

Another day. This could be a big one because Dad is selling our portable kennel. It's the one we have traveled all over Australia in. It's the one I sit in for hours and hours if I think we are going somewhere. It's the one where Dad turns the key and magically the whole world starts to move past us. Its an amazing kennel. I wrote about in an another blog and it is worth reading I think. It was called The Magic Kennel & Road Trains without Cattle

But our new kennel/bus is almost ready and we have to try and sell the old one. It will be sad to see it go but the new kennel is bigger and has an office in it and a bed. I know what will happen with the bed. For the first week it will be all 'get off the bed Tommie' but if I just keep patient then I will be able to creep up on it. I mean it's big enough for the both of us. And I will have the best view as we travel. I will be able to watch all the different things swoosh past us and not even get out of bed. 



So wish us luck. I think we are going to try and sell it to an auction place. I don't know anything about them and neither does Dad. We are so very similar in a lot of ways. We don't know about so much together. 

WOOF WOOF Tommie xx

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Tommie I'm a little envious of all the adventures that lay ahead for you and as far as the bed is concerned be patient - I give you about a week and you'll have it sorted.
karen vasquez
what a dog's life you lead Tommie! watch the world whiz by and lay in a bed (eating bon bons?) hope the old one sells quickly and you get to travel safely & in style soon!
Alan Williams
Celebrity vehicles are usually worth more; somewhere out there is the right tell more yarns to everyone you meet,  as stories are important. Best wishes to Bonnie and Clyde..woof woof. No worries Aussie Tommie & Dad.
Susan Portz
Alan Williams has an excellent point - this is, after all, the kennel that has transported Tommie, the famous Dingo, around Australia. Seems to me it should sell like a hotcake.  Hogan is kind of different on this whole idea - one of the few dogs I know that has never really liked the car ride. As soon as we start out, he starts yawning. Maybe he just wants to be sure that it isn't the vet but 9 times out of 10, it is to go on a walk somewhere different. Oh, well - at least he is always willing to tolerate it for me. Woof woof! Susan and Hogan
jacinta hickey
woof,sad times when you have to sell off an old friend like a vechile,but more exciting than getting a new moving bed,that is magic.My neice who made her Deb ball last Saturday night,is having her tonsiles and anroieds taken out today.She`s had a big week.I wish you all the best selling off the old vechile.Here`s to new memories and more adventures.Woof.
Kit Wilson
Tommy, what wonderful news! I am sure some other adventurers will appreciate your old kennel-bus and add to its roster of great journeys. Meantime, there go you and Dad in your brandnew Castle on Wheels!! Very cool and wise of you to bide your time before claiming the bed as your viewing perch. You LUCKY Dog! I must add that this photo of you is the Absolutely Best Yet, by the way. That jaunty smile and wonderfully waggish ear make you a supreme canine cavalier of the roads and byways. All the best from me'n'little Pixel here in Canada -- Bon Voyage to both you and Dad!!
Buffy Brown
Woof Tommie, it's sad when you have to get rid of old stuff but very exciting when there is something new coming into your life. As for the new bed, well we will all keep our paws crossed for you. Am sure that the magic will still work in the new kennel but you will see it from a more comfortable position. Xx
Woof! So pleased that your new kennel is nearly ready! Dad will pack all your stuff in there, so your and Dad's smells wiLl be all over. That will make you feel at home straight away. Dad must let you sleep on the bed from the get go! How else must you feel at home? Love your photo.
lee bruce
Tommie Breagha here I have a travelling Kennel too.It has a cooker,fridge and a bed,it has a bed in the roof too but  I am  not keen on the idea of sleeping there,I sleep on my bed in front of the front seats but when they fold the bed away and the world is moving by I know that dad is so busy making sure we are going in the right direction,I jump on the sort of long seat in the back,these kennels are a odd mind you there bed starts as a seat then turn into a bed then turns into a seat again. when they are doing all this stuff,i stay outside and watch VERY carefully in case they go off without me.our kennel has a name(humans are stupid sometimes) and is very old so dad says things like  wow good old bill- bertie doing 70 without a thought,whats that all about ? He pats it on the nose when its a done a long run and says well done.Come to think of it he does that to me too,maybe he thinks bill-bertie is a dog. !!