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Posted on May 11, 2013 by
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Woof woof everyone. Dad has got his camera back yesterday all cleaned and perfect. We will use it today when we go to a party for 3 years olds. All the family will be there and all the kids will be dressed as angels. Not very inventive I must admit but that's ok.

I'll probably have to sit outside but then Dad promised we would go to the ocean. Just thinking about it makes me happy. The smells are to me are what presents are like to the little kids. But you don't have to take the wrapping off. I am thinking seaweed ... and the remains of crabs ... and then the plunge into the surf after a stick or a ball.

When I was young Dad was considered letting me go on the pro-Dog surfing circuit I was so good. I used to wait between the waves and charge in after the ball. Then as I came back people would cheer. I felt exactly the same when I caught a wave as I imagine human surfers do.



But I don't want to be one of those dogs who just talks about the past. Even as I get older I've still got it all in front of me ... starting with today.

I hope you are enjoying the blog here. It is a better place to read from and it gets you on to our website and makes you want to become a SWAGGY so you get the newsletter daily.

We want you to be part of the pack. 

Woof Woof Tommie xx

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Susan Portz
I love to walk by the ocean too, Tommie, though I don't live anywhere near to one so it's a once in a while thing. The smells are great but I know I don't smell nearly so well as you. I have always wished I could take Hogan down to the sea because he has SUCH a keen nose and I think he would just love it, like you. I love the blogs, and it is a nicer reading forum.  Have fun at the beach! Susan and Hogan
Hi Tommie (and Raymond :) ) Love the beach! You are so lucky to be there so often. Anyway what is all this "old" talk? Look at you ~ you are in your prime! Bet you still turn many a young lady's head. Love the fact that you go swimming "au naturel" ~ typical Aussie ~ so laid back. Love to you both xx
tersia du toit
WOOF ☺ what a clever dog to read the waves. A true sea dog! I hope you will be ok waiting for Dad to finish off at the 'Angels' party
The 3 yr old's dad
Hi Tommie, sorry you didn't feel the party theme was inventive enough. It didn't seem to bother you while you were busy wolfing down free snags. I wasn't aware dogs were experts on entertaining forty 3 yr olds but many thanks for the input.