The Electronic Swagman is the avatar of traveller, author and photographer - Raymond Hawkins. After a decade working as a tour and production manager with some of the great Australian bands - Midnight Oil, The Angels and Cold Chisel - he literally walked away from that world, and back to health, by trekking solo along the Great Dividing Range from Melbourne to Sydney. 

After a decade long stint at the Sydney Opera House where Raymond worked with Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Dance Company, he took that artistic sensibility into the design of desert walking trips. Here, and in other beautiful places, he developed extraordinary programs for writers, artists, choirs and photographers amongst other - merging a creative story with the narrative of a desert experience.

Now, In the tradition of the old swagman, without a home other than the road, accompanied by his dingo cross cattle-dog Ralph, Raymond travels as the Electronic Swagman, producing extraordinary mini-festivals and road journeys while sharing his images and stories around the modern day campfire - the internet.